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 In this comprehensive biography Too Tough to Lose, Warwick Morgan writes of his father Laurie’s many accomplishments, which go well beyond the equestrian arena......his story is a fascinating one and Warwick, who is also an accomplished horseman, is just the person to tell it.  His admiration for his father’s achievements is clear, but the picture he paints is not entirely flattering. The two were estranged for several years and Laurie comes across as a tough man who expected a lot from those around him. Of course, this only adds to the story, giving colour to a man who was impossibly gifted.

Mark Muller, R.M. Williams OUTBACK September 2012


 Laurie Morgan is one of the more extraordinary characters in Australia’s diverse Olympic history but it has taken a long time for his story to be told properly.  It has taken me 12 years but one thing I inherited from my father is determination to get things done"  says Warwick, who now hopes to have a film made of a classic Australian story.

Too Tough to Lose: The story of Laurie Morgan does not overlook personal shortcomings and family dramas. His Olympic triumph is, of course, the centrepiece. It was achieved on a smart galloper called Salad Days, of which even the Queen was a fan - there’s a letter in the book to say so.

Ron Reed, Herald Sun, Saturday, May 26th, 2012


 Not many sons write a book about their father, but not too many people have a father like legendary sportsman Laurie Morgan....His life spanned a period of enormous social change, and this book has the added bonus of putting his sporting achievements into an historical, social and cultural context......Too Tough to Lose is more than just an enjoyable read, it fills a place in our history, and records the life of an amazing athlete.

Forty Degrees South, Hobart, Tasmania.


  Wayne Roycroft.....told me he felt that Too Tough to Lose should be in every Australian school as it told so much about Australian history and I know exactly what he means. It does not pretty up what life was like it just tells it how it was. Warwick Morgan should be congratulated on this book.....Too Tough to Lose is a piece of Australian history that should be on everyone’s book shelf.

Alison Duthie, The Eventer, July 2012.




 Laurie Morgan’s son and one of the ASH Society’s long time members, Warwick Morgan, has written a biography of his father’s life called Too Tough to Lose - the story of Laurie Morgan, Australia’s first equestrian Olympic gold medalist. Warwick’s book traces Laurie’s story in a personal account of his father’s life and the extraordinary things he accomplished......Warwick’s own experiences of steeplechasing, eventing, polo, fox-hunting and mustering wild cattle add a sensation of being in the saddle yourself - you can live the excitement and almost smell the horses as you read!

Australian Stock Horse Journal July-August 2012


 From dinner parties with the Queen to life as a pastoralist on his million acre property in the Northern Territory, Laurie Morgan emerges as a charming if domineering man at the vanguard of equestrian competition in Australia......a thorough, unflinching, and honest book...a fascinating insight into a gifted sportsman - a charismatic character with boundless energy, countless sporting achievements and a chequered love life.

Wendy Shaw, The Examiner, Saturday June 9th, 2012


  This biography of Laurie Morgan reads a little like an episode of Australian Story......Too Tough to Lose charts Laure’s coming of age in a Depression-era Australia, then provides a fascinating account of a life transformed by hard work and good fortune. While this biography will obviously hold enormous appeal to those who have an existing interest in Laurie, the colourful adventures, crisp writing style and inclusion of historical documents should see it arousing interest in a much wider audience.

Anna Forward, The Mercury 17/06/12


I have read the book, it is amazing Warwick.  Thankyou for sharing the story of both yourself and your father. No wonder it took you so long to write, you have put so much into this writing. I was extremely moved by the ending.  I do hope this book is going to be promoted all over Australia - especially in this year of the Olympics, and that you need to do a reprint!

Wayne Roycroft was right - this is a story that should be mandatory reading in schools. This is a magnificent story of a special era in Australia's history.  Thankyou again!
Cheers, Lee.

Lee Stanelos, Grove, Tasmania 21/05/12