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     I watched Laurie go round a lot of the British racecourses with great admiration, especially when he was riding Colledge Master and Salad Days... I well remember writing an article about him...for the Sunday Express and telling my readers what an expert he was in the saddle he looked as if he was born into the pigskin!...He was a typical Australian, always wanting to win if he possibly could, and I admired him greatly.

Dick Francis
(Author and professional steeplechase jockey, 
rode for the Royal Family)

   Laurie Morgan: Discipline, killer instinct, focus, humble, absorption, sacrificing everything to succeed and win. An incredible force. Surely the greatest competitive Australian horseman. Unique friend, gentleman, mentor especially to me.

Sinclair Hill OA, OBE
(International 10 goal polo player)

   My abiding memory of Laurie Morgan is of a great horseman who invariably put the fear of God into his opponents. His like will not be seen again.

Michael Williams
(Author and Journalist for the Sporting Life)

    Laurie Morgan was the most remarkable all round horseman I have ever known. Quite apart from his eventing triumphs, he and his great bargain buy Colledge Master carried all before them in the world of British Hunter Chasing.
   When Laurie had to go back to Australia he left Colledge Master with Bob Turnell and kindly said I could ride him. Between us we fell so far below your fatherís skill that we only managed to win one race! The next year Laurie came back and Colledge Master immediately recovered all his old form. What a man he was.

Lord (John) Oaksey OBE
(Journalist and television presenter,
amateur steeplechase jockey)


   Laurie Morgan was one of the few persons I really admired as a great horseman in our world. I had the chance to meet him on my first Olympic Games in Rome 1960. The way he rode and the way he presented himself was unique. I will never forget his yelling out to the crowd on the finish of the cross country course Tally Ho  has anyone seen the Fox? I was standing around when Laurie and Salad Days arrived at the finish. Both looked fresh and happy. I had just finished a short time before the cross-country-test without jumping faults, much slower in time, but full of happiness to have passed this Olympic adventure. And then I saw Laurie in such a condition as if he just had passed a jolly foxhunting ride. From this moment both Laurie and Salad Days became my heroes.

Dr. Reiner Klimke  
(Dressage  Equestrian, winner of six Olympic gold medals)